Contribution Guidelines

•    Maximum 10 pages length
•    Subject to a review process by 1/2        secret reviewers with relevant subject knowledge 
•    Emphasis on any of Chidush/novelty/subject expertise/tackling a tough issue/present challenges in the Jewish world and particularly in South Africa/intellectually stimulating/Fruits of your Labour in Torah to share/historical interest/cutting edge halachik questions
•    Topic for contributor to decide. Does not have to be but can be based on a Parsha/Chag/fast day relevant to that issue.


Document Guidelines
•    Microsoft Word document
•    Font size 11
•    Reference sources as footnotes
•    Emailed as an attachment to
•    Pseudonyms accepted

Due dates for article contributions
•    Chanuka issue due date: RH.
•    Purim issue due date: Chanuka
•    Shvuos issue due date: Purim
•    RH issue due date: RCh Tammuz



Please Note
Articles are not considered accepted until after the review process has been completed. Part of this process may include articles being returned to the contributor for recommended revisions/queries if deemed necessary by the reviewer or editor.
An acceptance email will be sent to a contributor whose article has been accepted for publication. Attached would be the edited version for the contributor to review.
Contributors and reviewers do not receive remuneration from the SATJ.